Market Report of Mandarin 2019

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The market in General


In the new season of the northern hemisphere, the harvest in Spain and Italy will be smaller than last year, mainly as a result of the weather conditions. China also expects a fall in production due to the abundant rainfall recorded in a few growing regions. Trade barriers are also causing problems in some places.

The season is not yet in full swing, and that means that the volume of mandarins is currently low. Prices are rising as a result of this transitional period.

China: Rainfall affects part of the harvest
At the beginning of the year, it looked as though this season's production was going to be better than last year's, which was significantly affected in terms of both volume and quality by the weather conditions.

Due to the heavy rain and floods in the second half of 2019, part of the harvest was also affected this year. The damage to the production varies per area, but the volume has dropped. In the coming months, more production will come on the market and this will continue until around April.

And plus the Chinese New Year will start from Jan.22, which is 20 days earlier than last year, which means the domestic demands for fresh mandarin will be increased earlier. Furthermore, as the workers in the factory will go back home to celebrate the CNY, which means there will a time gap around Jan.14 to Feb.3, in which the price should be higher than last year. We recommend covering your requirements asap.


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